Thursday, October 30, 2014

Show you what it feels like, now I’m on the outside

 Dress c/o WalG / Hat - Made myself

As the slacker that I am, I am still sewing my Halloween costume....30 min before Halloween officially starts. But let's blame it on my sickness (I suddenly got sick in the middle of the week, but I'm feeling better now) as the reason that I procrastinated to the max on this. But not to worry! It will be done and I will try to take awesome photos for you guys! In the meantime, anyone care to share what they're being this Halloween??

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And this is the red, orange, yellow flicker beat

 Dress - Quiz / Harness - Zana Bayne

Hello hello, long time no see again. I seriously need to stop saying I'll be posting more and then go on like a 2 week absence. But here I am...(I literally just had to delete the second half of this sentence because I unconsciously started typing lyrics to a one direction song haha...which goes to show I need more sleep after this long weekend I had haha but if you know the rest of the lyrics/which song I was about to type, you get an A+ for the day). Anyways, that was a long side note haha, but this weekend was Bridal Fashion week and it was a heck of a long weekend! This season, instead of helping Amsale out at their show, I went to the piers to help the bridesmaid division at their booth. So no pretty pictures of pretty dresses backstage this time :( This year, Amsale brought her bridesmaid line and a new cheaper line to the piers; and I still dressed the models for their buyers appointments. Oh gosh, wait till you hear about the dressing room....there were 2 models and then another intern and myself....the dressing room was literally the size of a closet. Which isn't that bad for a normal changing room if its just one person. But we had to fit 4 people in there and poof-y tulle dresses that basically took up the majority of the space on its own. I don't know how we made it work but we did!    
It was definitely an interesting weekend, filled with speedy dress changes in a matchbox and birds pooping on the dresses (And yes, you read that correctly haha since we were at the piers, there were a lot of birds flying around inside the warehouse. When we arrived Sunday morning for another day, we found that one of the dresses had bird poop on it. Luckily we were able to get it off but it was definitely funny how out of all the other vendors, the birds choose ours to poop on haha). 
So yea that was my weekend! Now I have a physics exam to cram for in 45 minutes! Wish me luck :P