Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Running in the dark to find East of Eden

Dress c/o Chi Chi
This dress *drool* hahah I kind of am in love with this dress from Chi Chi! Interning has given me a good excuse to wear pretty things especially since in the past summers I'd bum out the whole break. The beading on the bodice is absolutely stunning and actually very perfect for working at Amsale!

So this weekend I attempted to dye my hair but it failed miserably haha. Well actually not miserably because it didn't turn out a disaster. I gave myself a trim, just like an inch so barely noticeable, and then I went about bleaching my hair lighter. In the end, the tips of my hair are a lot lighter than in these photos, which were taken a couple days ago. However, they're still not light enough so when I went to dye them lavender, after sitting in my hair for an hour, it didn't show at all. I tried again several hours after my first attempt with a light purple, but way darker than the lavender I was aiming for. The second attempt pretty much failed as well :( The color barely stuck and the lighter sections of my hair ended up a very faint pink :((((( I think I'm going to bleach it one more time later this week because I really really really want this to work haha. Darn you stubborn asian hair :P

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You're Just A Hideaway, You're Just A Feeling

Playsuit c/o Wal G / Cape - Lashes of London / Hat - Vintage

Recently I've been finding myself wearing playsuits very often! They have the convenience of a dress where there's no need to match a top and bottom but even better, at least in my opinion, because you can be as active as you want in them. Thinking back to the last 2 weeks and this week, the majority of the days I interned at the leather harness place I wore a playsuit to work since they look nice and I can get down and dirty while cutting/punching/dyeing leather. This playsuit from Wal G is my newest addition to my collection (which is slowly but surely growing)! At the harness place, I work a lot with black dye and after my first day there, a coworker informed me that wearing black would be safer since you often return home covered in dye. I don't know about you but I've always thought of summer as the time to wear the brightest colors. Therefore I've always refrained from buying black summer clothes. After wearing colorful clothes for the past 2 weeks to work, I finally had this lovely playsuit to wear and had a nice joke with everyone that I finally found something black to wear but it'd be a one time deal and I would return to colorful clothing the next day. Haha maybe I can get away with wearing this romper a few more times to work though...hopefully no one will notice? :P