Monday, January 26, 2015

I Know Dreams Are Darker In The Light

Dress c/o Blue Vanilla // Jacket - Sheinside 


First week back at school and all I can say is that its going to be a rough semester. Guys...I'm taking a class called 'Math and the Imagination' and it turns my brain into mush. It sounds like an easy class right? You'd think it'd be about something like unicorns (or at least that's what I sarcasm, I really thought that) but it's actually math, who knew. Haha all jokes aside, I have pretty much forgotten all the math I learned in high school so lets hope I can recover logarithms and statistics and probability from the back of my brain within the next week :P

So I wrote out a schedule/break down the other day of the DIY's that I'm going to be doing in the coming posts. I thought I'd start out with a 6 section hat and then a blocked hat. I realized that I sometimes forget that not everyone can sew since it's like second nature to me now. And the 6 section hat needs to be completely sewn on a machine. However, the blocked hat has very little sewing and you can get away without using a sewing machine. So for those of you who can't sew, just bare with me for a couple posts until I get to the blocked hat! :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

When I close my eyes all the stars align

Cardigan - 6ks // Necklace - ShopLately // Jeans - PacSun // Top - H&M


I'm about to go back to school soon...very soon :( This has definitely been one of the most unproductive breaks ever...mostly spent on the couch intensely reading; which somebody please tell my dad that binge reading is a lot better than binge watching shows (which I fell victim to last winter break oops) so I can feel better about what I accomplished this break haha. Besides not accomplishing anything I planned, I DID plan a lot of things in my head. Haha I really need to practice on my skills of actually executing plans.

Anyways, change in topic. Last summer, I started to discover where my interest lies in fashion design. As you all know, I'm studying fashion design and although its already a pretty specific field, I never truly realized how many paths you can take in just fashion design alone. To be honest, I spent a lot of sophomore year lost in what I truly wanted to do. I was starting to discover that I'm not the most creative in my grade and especially since I go to a school that really pushes conceptual ideas, I found that I wasn't really able to keep up with my classmates. I still feel a bit behind compared to many of my peers who are starting to find their "brand" and style in their design and presentation. I know that its ok to still be discovering your likes and experimenting, since you only truly get to do what you really want to do in school when there are no expectation or boundaries. But it's also frustrating when it seems like everyone around you is forging ahead with a clear goal in mind while you're still unsure if you're cut out for this industry. Since I'm not the most creative, I found that I could become a technical designer, a good compromise to satisfy my desire to be in the fashion industry and my somewhat lack of creativity. Plus, I seem to get Adobe a lot better than I can wrap my head around collections and the whole design process........ So this has pretty much turned into a huge rant of some sorts and where I'm going with this is that in the past year, I think I found my calling! And that would be accessories. After interning at the leather harness place, taking shoe design and millinery, I realize now that maybe I'm meant to be in the accessories field rather than clothing field. And moral of the story is that I would love to start posting more DIYs and such. So if you guys made your way to the end of this post, then please let me know what you think! :) You're  more than welcome to comment suggestions! I would totally love to do sewing or hat making or working with leather posts so if you have ever wanted to learn something, let me know!