Monday, September 29, 2014

Everybody wanna take her heart away

Dress c/o Blue Vanilla / Shoes - mia

Today was my first day of freedom, aka no interning, since January and it feels oh so good :P Not that I hate interning, but it's definitely a relief to have some of the stress lifted off my shoulders. As I said in my last post though, I'm starting a new...let's say adventure, and I really hope I can share with you guys asap!  

October is a day away so I think I am allowed to ask if anyone has started thinking of costumes yet? Shhh...but I've already been pinning ideas to a pinterest board all year :P Though the fall comes with the stress of school and a decrease in daylight; I am exuberant for the brisk air, changing leaves, and holiday season that's just around the corner! I know I'll be complaining soon about the brutal winter chill but for now I'll say that I'm ready to bundle up and cozy into sweaters again. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Baby Lives In Shades Of Blue

 Dress c/o Chi Chi

Was the last time I posted really September 1st?! Wow sorry guys! Yesterday was my last day at the harness internship so I'm going to have sooooo much free time now...just kidding, I'll just have more time for projects now T-T But now that I'm done with that internship and not planning on finding another, I have a biggish project I'm going to start working on so stay tuned for that ;) So for now, I know I say this a lot but, I promise I'll have more posts, more often now!!

Hope y'all have a good rest of the week and you'll be hearing from me again very soon ;D