Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Strung up, strung out for your love

Shorts c/o Style Moi // Top c/o Grayson // Vest- YRB Fashion // Boots - PacSun


Schools outttttttttttt  ✌ ☮ ...actually I've been relaxing at home for exactly a week now as you can probably tell from the familiar scenery and the rare smile I'm sporting in one of my photos because sleep has reentered my life. This past finals season was especially brutal and I can not express how happy I am to be rid of the stress I was consumed in last and 2 weeks ago. So lets see, what am I going to be up to this summer....I feel like this is going to be a pretty chill summer even though I should be prepping for senior year and the inevitable scary thought of finding a job *shudders*...orrrrr maybe I'll just think of those things in August haha. No actually right now the concrete things at the moment for this summer are continuing interning with Zara and starting an internship with my millinery professor. Oh! Speaking of Zara, guess what! I found out two weeks ago that besides the news of one of my designs making it to the stores, I also have the opportunity to go to Barcelona! The design firm that I'm doing the prints for have invited me to go to Barcelona and work with their team for a week in September! ahh like how is this real. For once in my life, I actually  won't mind getting through summer quickly so I can go on this trip haha. 
So yea I think thats what my summer entails and all the news I have for now. I know in my last post I said I'd share lookbook photos from my junior thesis in this post but obviously that didn't happen haha so next post it is! :)


  1. Love this outfit, Kat! beautiful shorts :) x

  2. ^^♪ )

  3. Hello,

    Beautiful pics ! :D


  4. Gorgeous! love your pics!!


  5. Congrats on finishing with finals, I was done with mine not too long ago and freedom never tasted soooo good! Haha and I'm so happy for you , Barcelona sounds like such a good opportunity! Wishing you an awesome summer :)


  6. Glad to hear the last bit of your school is about to finish, you look
    great as always c: Xx

  7. Stunning look, this vest is so cool. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  8. I absolutely love the asymmetric look of your shorts!


  9. och, amazing hat and shoes <3

  10. love that skirt! you look so cute in glasses. nice photos !

  11. You look marvellous doll, love this look :) Hope you enjoy your time away from college now :) The trip to Barcelona will be immense, love Barcelona :)) Congrats on that :))) Happy weekend xx

  12. yayyy for summer vacation. :D I like your skirt!


  13. You look absolutely radiant- and for good reason. I'd be freaking out if all these amazing things happened to me as well! Congrats on all your accomplishments :)

  14. Awesome news dear, Barcelona is a wonderful city! :)
    Perfect outfit! You look amazing Kat!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Lucia Gallego Blog
    Lucia Gallego Blog Facebook

  15. skorts and top are both pretty dear :)

  16. You look fantastic, dear! Love this ensemble on you,pure perfection!

  17. Ahh that's amazing you're interning with Zara - you're so talented! And Barcelona will be amazing! I studied abroad in Spain and Barcelona was one of my favorite places!
    I love those shorts - asymmetrical hems are the best!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  18. love the skirt! actually the whole outfit is pretty on point. i'd totally rock that.

    1. also ur so lucky to get to go to barcelona!! have fun girl :)

  19. Enjoy your time off! Nice shorts!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  20. I love everything about this look, cool shorts, you look amazing! Enjoy you summer vacation dear! :)

  21. Absolutely lovely look, congratulations to your finished exames!
    Lot of greetings from Austria,

  22. Haha, glad to see you well rested and happy again! Way to finish up the semester (in style too). Love the hat and skort you're rocking :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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  24. awww I miss your blog so much! this is so fab Kat! loving the vest vibe here! so lovely!

    visit my blog some time too :)

  25. Those are great news, congrats! :) I adore this outfit, you look gorgeous! Love that cute top!

  26. Beautiful photos, that vest is fantastic!

  27. I love you style so much!!
    your blog is amazing♥

  28. such amazing look!!! love the whole outfits <3


  29. Wonderful post. Thanks for visiting my blog, dear. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss

  30. Love the style of those shorts!
    Great outfit<3

  31. I've been watching, you have a great blog I invite you on my blog :))

  32. I just realize that I haven't been visiting your blog for a while. I'm going to make a point to catch up with all your post. Hope I didn't miss out much =(
    Congrats on working with Zara and the chance to work in Barcelona! You'll love it there I'm sure. It's a really nice place =) Have fun this summer.

  33. what a fantastic news about Barcelona trip! must be so exciting!


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