Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Post from Jess from StyleSays!

The New Santa: Shopping with StyleSays

Starbucks did it, they broke out the red cups. The momentum is building
towards the holiday shopping season at our favorite stores. We’ve already
survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday but the shopping is just beginning.
My name is Jess and I’m recent college grad who has always been neurotic
when it comes to Holiday gift giving. My family always tries to outdo one
another so I’ve picked up a few tips+tricks along the way that I’d like to share.
Full disclosure: this strange behavior eventually turned into a fashion site that I
run with a couple friends. More to come on that in a sec.

5. Start Now
Alright so we can be real, some people started weeks ago and there are others
that won’t start until Christmas Eve. It’s important to give yourself plenty of
time to shop around when buying for your loved ones. We all know the feeling
of opening a present and it was obviously one of the last items left at a
department store.
If you don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed by the thought of
navigating tons of confusing online stores, try out StyleSays. Hand-picked
items from the top online stores are organized in an easy to use one-stopshop.
4. Be Bold, Be Unique
It’s not just enough to start early though. With so many options you should be
bold, be unique and really make your friends+fam feel special. There are 100s
of amazing online stores with endless gift ideas so you’re sure to find the
perfect gift for everyone. And if you really want to be unique give a handmade
item from one of the many online marketplaces like Etsy.
No one wants to show up to work after new years with the same boots as
everyone else in the office. Don't even get me started on NYE outfits.

3. Wishlists
Wish hard enough and it may come true. Almost every site has a wishlist that
makes organizing gift ideas a lot easier. But you need to have all of your
wishlists in one place to really compare. StyleSays makes it easy to save your
favorite items from all of your favorite sites so you can compare gifts and prices
side-by-side. Shopping should be easy, right?

2. Free Returns
When you’re doing all your holiday shopping at the mall this isn’t a problem but
if you’re buying online it’s mega important to find stores with friendly return
You can find out which stores have free returns (and shipping) on StyleSays. To
help you get started these stores are extra friendly for returns: ASOS, ModCloth,
Free People, and ShopBop.

1. Treat yo ‘self!
Don’t end up with another robe or candle. Let people know what you want.
We’ve talked about finding the perfect gifts for everyone else but what about
the perfect gift for you? Make a collection of all the things you want to see
under the tree and then send that link around to all the Santas in your life.
You’ll save them the stress of buying the right thing and you’ll look damn good
rocking your 2012 wardrobe.

StyleSays is playing Santa this year! Enter our Christmas List giveaway and you
could win an item from your list. It’s super easy to enter. 1) Make a Christmas List

and 2) Share it with a few friends.
Thank you to Kat and her lovely readers!


Okay guys, it's Kat! hehe
I just want to add in how much I love this site! I seriously think that this is a must for the holiday season, even if you or your friends don't really shop online that often (like myself :P) This site can also just help you help youself stay organized during the holiday season. And, it can act as a guideline for your friends on what you might be interested in getting this holiday season. I hope you guys will check out the site, it really is great! :)


  1. I am off to check it out!! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Great post. I love all of the tips. I always get so excited and happy this time of the year.

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  6. Love these tips! And for sure make a list and let others know what you want so you get good stuff too! :)

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  12. i love the holiday time and buying gifts for people. guest posts are so cool. thanks for the comment

  13. I totally agree with the "treat yourself" piece of advice. HOLLLLAAA. I'm good at that.
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